The Night at a Motel

Daily Prompt : Substandard

Anish and Anaya were so excited about this holiday. It was their first road trip together. They had packed all they thought they could require, lots of food for the way, cold water, music dvd's and so forth.
Relaxed and so much in love, they had great plans for this vacation. It was a eight hour ride and they started early in morning.
Their first halt was at a roadside joint, 2 hrs after they had started. They had tea and yummy breakfast. They stretched their legs a bit and started again.
It had started to get warm, as Sun had now lit up the sky. They were now on a highway and the town was left behind.

Anish started his favorite music and they opened windows to let cool breeze form the surrounding forest enter the car.

Anaya started to doze off. Then suddenly the car came to a halt. Anish tried starting it again, but no avail. He could see smoke coming from engine and sense a burning smell.

They both tried to correct the fault, but realized that they would have to get some expert help. There was no locality in sight.

They tried calling police helpline. To their great relief, after what seemed like ages to them, a few bikers passed by.

They asked them for help. One of them was a mechanic. He told that he would correct it temporarily but the part would need to be changed and the nearest Centre for that was 2 hour away.

He advised them to stay at a motel which was on the way. From there, they could contact the Centre and someone would come to check and replace it.

With their assistance, the car started and they reached the motel. It was already late evening. Both of them were frustrated and tired.

The checked in the room on 1st floor, and informed the reception at motel to connect them with the car repair Centre. The guys at repair Centre were understanding and told that the car would be taken care of 1st thing in the morning.

Relaxed, they went to the room. The room was in a dilapidated condition. The chair was broken. Bedding seemed as if it was not cleaned for ages.

Bathroom was just as antique. The tap kept dripping and toilet was smelly. Anyhow, they thought just this night and tried to stay cool.

Just when they sat down , a lizard fell on the bed. Anaya started shouting. Anish threw the lizard out but kept laughing over it and teasing her.

They had an early dinner and went to sleep. No sooner did they sleep, bedbugs crawled over them and made their sleep impossible. They both woke up and called reception but the staff was rude and did not help them in anyway. So they decided to sleep on the floor for rest of night.

Once again the senses dulled them, but the hard floor and the hot humid climate would not let them sleep. Then they both felt as if they heard a knock on the door. Anish checked but found no one. He bolted the door tightly and tried to sleep again.

"Knock knock," this time it was persistent.
"Who's there?"Anaya shouted. No reply came forth.

"Knock knock," this time they heard a girl crying.Both were scared.

They got scared and decided to open the door.

When they opened, they say two shabbily dresses females who immediately hit them and they both lost their consciousness.

In the morning, when they both arose, they found all their belongings gone.

They both were too tired and angry. What had they done to spend a night in such a substandard place only to lose all their belongings.

Meanwhile, the repair Centre guys arrived , they repaired their car and took them to the nearest police station.

Later, they came to know that the owner of that motel had died an year ago. The two servants who had killed him had ran away. The police was not able to catch them, though they had looted many such innocents over the year.

4 responses to “The Night at a Motel”

  1. This is one freaky scary story. With so much detail, I was able to envision every bit of it.


    1. Thanks! You Made my day

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, I felt like I was watching a horror film while reading it.


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