Love or Lust

Daily Prompt – Lust

Akash did not know when and how he started liking her. She had joined their workforce an year back. She was medium height, deep black eyes, long black hair and flawless skin. He was never able to take my eyes off her.

He used to like the way she spoke. She would report to him directly. That meant many moments when she would go to his office alone. Soon, that meant having a cup of coffee together, and sharing mundane talks other than work.

Slowly, He started feeling an attraction for her. He enjoyed her company. One day, he asked her for a coffee date. He knew it was wrong. But He reprimanded himself,"I am not sleeping with her. Just a coffee date."

"I still love my wife. How will she ever know, I took her out for a date." Thus, he would silence his conscience.

Few days later, they went for a movie, than another, and the pattern continued. Movies, cafes, holding hands, then slowly moving to the same couch, a small kiss on the cheek, an excuse to get closer. She also never used to mind. He was really enjoying now.

" My wife will never know. Anyway, Did I leave her?" And time again, He would silence his inner self.

"Anyway, she knows I am married. My Facebook profile shows it. I have never hidden anything from her. This is mutual. It is not cheating." His lame excuses to himself continued.

One such evening, she was upset. She suggested they go for drinks. She did not want to sit in a bar. So, he took her to hotel room.

He called his wife, that he was stuck in a meeting, may be if it gets too late, he would not come home.

Alcohol, privacy, or the drowning morals?The lust for other woman became stronger than whatever love for his wife remained.


4 thoughts on “Love or Lust

  1. and he knew…and the woman did too……..
    and they still continued………..

    I gave it a “like”, as this is how it develops… ugly, so wrong, so painful….

    Liked by 1 person

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