A love story -2

Read : A love story before you read this one.

Our love story ended with bitter sweet feelings. I was finally able to sort out my priorities. How did I land myself in this situation? I kept thinking.

"My wife, my first and only love!"
How had I come so far that I never realized the distance! I felt guilty of all I had done.

"You did nothing wrong!" My alter ego told me. You did not leave her na. "All's well that ends well." And I started my Journey back home.

On my way back, I brought a bouquet of roses for my wife! It was our anniversary.

I reached home to find it dimly lit. The kids had gone over to grandparents for vacation.

My wife would usually always have a surprise for me ready. But today was different. All the lights were off. A dim light came from our bedroom.

Dreading the worst, I slowly walked in. I could hear her sobbing loudly. I went closer and touched her head.

"Are you ok, love?"
"Why are you crying?"
"What happened?" I continued my volley of questions and tried to pull her head on my lap.

She resisted my touch, and kept looking at me like a stranger.

"What, dear?" I asked again.

She picked her mobile and showed me the email.

Endings are never bittersweet. Either they are bitter or they are sweet. That one had to be bitter. Didn't know about this one now.

That bitch had forwarded our photographs, chats, details of the hotels we had spent nights at, everything she had to my wife.

I could not refute it.Nor could I accept it.

"I am sorry. Please forgive me." I said.

"Why? Why did you this?" She managed to ask in between her sobbing.

"I do not know. All I know is that I should not have done this."

"I have hurt you, though I never wanted to. But I got lost and today I have come to ask your forgiveness."

"Please give me one more chance." I pleaded.

She kept crying the whole night. All I did was hold her in my arms and let her cry.

I lost whatever I had.

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