A cup ☕️ of Tea

It had been a tiring day. Right from morning, everything had gone wrong. All what had happened in past few years had taken a toll on her sleep.

Savi had a disturbing sleep and she woke with a migraine. Popping up the pills, she had left home to be welcomed by rain and the traffic jam.

Finally, she had managed to reach office late by 3 hours. In the office, her boss was waiting to pounce on her for the delayed assignment.

Somehow, she carried on through the day maintaining her composure. She did not want anyone to feel sorry for her.

" Why should they be sorry for me? I do not need sympathies. I am a strong woman. I will handle this as well."

Savi had been a young and energetic female, till an year and half back, she had met with an accident. She was 7 months pregnant then. Due to direct trauma to her abdomen, the fetus had died and because of uncontrolled bleeding, doctors had to remove her uterus as well. She could never be a mom again.

Savi and Sumesh had wanted to adopt, but the families had been against, so they had given up. They both had started to live again, only the painful comments from others didn't let them.

"Oh, life must be boring for you na, No kid."

"Why don't you adopt?"

"Whose blood it will be? How can they adopt?"

Everyone has their opinions and no one thinks before advising.

" Keep your ears closed. We both are their for each other." Somesh would tell her.

She tried. Till one day, somesh parents came with a marriage proposal.

" You can divorce her."

"What good she is? She can't even give you a child!"

Till today, Somesh had not even talked to them. But Savi had gone into depression.

Somesh would try to cheer her up, but it didn't help.

He had started keeping busy in work. He would come late.

It had been raining the whole day and by the time, she reached home, she was wet and cold.

Today, Somesh had come early. On seeing her cold and wet, he immediately started the warmer and instructed her to change.

Then he prepared a cup of hot ginger tea for both of them.

Ginger tea used to be their favorite. When they had started dating, they would go to that small tea stall besides their college and spends hours over a cup of ginger tea.

The aroma relaxed her senses, and sipping her favorite tea, she smiled.

" Do I have the pleasure of taking you to a candle light dinner? "Somesh asked, just like he used to in earlier days.

For a moment, she forgot all about her earlier days and started laughing.

" I am very high maintenance. Are you sure you can afford that?" This used to be her answer than.

Over that cup of tea, they started bonding again.

He made her understand that you cannot stop with one mishap in life. Life goes on.

As they say, "हर किसी को मुकम्मल जहाँ नहीं मिलता. किसी को ज़मीन तो किसी को आसमान नहीं मिलता !"

So, each day, they started looking forward to the cup of tea.

Respecting their parents sentiments, they did not adopt, but started helping at an orphanage. Life went on.

Today, a child whose education they had sponsored had got admission in an engineering college.

They both still shared stories over the cup of tea.


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