" We need a traditional marriage." Both of the parents echoed their voices.

"It's a waste of money and resources." We both chirped in.

Ever since we had decided to tie the knot, their had been a tussle between the new and old.

I and my fiancé wanted a simple marriage with minimum of fuss. Our reasons were clear. We still were not earning much. Getting married would mean moving together, a down payment for accommodation, and we hardly had saved anything by then.

I had compromised by telling, Honeymoon a year later. But my would be better half had silenced me by telling that we will go may be only for 3 nights, coz he did not want a life long reason for quarrel. Smart he was, I must say.

Our parents had their own logic. What will society say? They had attended so many weddings, now it was their turn to repay the society. Funny logic I thought, though could not voice it.

I always felt that the traditional expensive weddings are a wastage. With the amount spent on decorations, fireworks, clothing and food, you could feed so many of hungry mouths.

Anyway, no one listened to me and we had to bow to the demands. At that time, getting married was a bigger want than how to get married.

So we had an expensive traditional wedding.

What are your views? Are the big fat Indian weddings in the name of tradition justified?

Please leave your comments.

2 responses to “Tradition”

  1. I have to agree. I can understand inviting your friends and family who want to celebrate with you and having a great time and dancing and laughing but a huge glamorous wedding just sounds like another debt looming over a person’s head. Though, I suppose, that’s just me being overly cynical.


  2. I think if a person has the means to have a grand event — go for it. If not, then one should go for a simple ceremony. Do what you feel right. You can never make everyone happy.


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