That fragrance intoxicated me. It reminded me of that girl I had loved years ago. She used to be sweet and caring, the kind of simple and pure hearted people who would help each and everyone they came across.

I was young and naive then. I had recently joined a multinational and was so drunk with my success that I did not realize when she drifted away. Before I could know, what I had done, she had gone far away.

"Don't know why this fragrance reminded me of her."

I had missed her each day after she left, but never got the courage to call her. Seven years it had been, and I had never heard from her.

As I was lost in my thoughts muttering to myself, a little girl came and sat close to me.

"Wanna have an ice cream?"
She had two cones in her hand and looked cute in the pink dress. I could not resist her pretty smile and took one cone from her.

"Do you offer ice creams to all who are sitting alone. You know the world is not a good place, you should not talk to strangers." I advised her.

She gave a big laugh, and said" but you are not a stranger. I have seen all your pics, and I know what you do, where you studied!" She chatted on.

I became a bit vary of who this girl was. Suddenly, I heard that same familiar voice from behind"Meera, I told you to wait for me on the stall. Had I not seen you for other minute!" And she looked at me.

"Mom, I saw your best friend, and I thought I would give you surprise, by making you both meet today."

At that very moment, I hugged her close and all the distance of years melted away.

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  1. Hmmm! Intriguing! You left me wanting more.


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