The Night at a Motel

Daily Prompt : Substandard Anish and Anaya were so excited about this holiday. It was their first road trip together. They had packed all they thought they could require, lots of food for the way, cold water, music dvd's and so forth. Relaxed and so much in love, they had great plans for this vacation. … Continue reading The Night at a Motel

Love or Lust

Daily Prompt - Lust Akash did not know when and how he started liking her. She had joined their workforce an year back. She was medium height, deep black eyes, long black hair and flawless skin. He was never able to take my eyes off her. He used to like the way she spoke. She … Continue reading Love or Lust

The Truth cannot be Hidden forever.

The events over the past week had shaken him to core. Her search for truth had brought them there. The truth which he always knew yet he never wanted to share. He thought it would break her. Yet, he never knew her strength. The truth she had never expected, the truth she had never wished for, … Continue reading The Truth cannot be Hidden forever.

A cup ☕️ of Tea

It had been a tiring day. Right from morning, everything had gone wrong. All what had happened in past few years had taken a toll on her sleep. Savi had a disturbing sleep and she woke with a migraine. Popping up the pills, she had left home to be welcomed by rain and the traffic … Continue reading A cup ☕️ of Tea

Tradition" We need a traditional marriage." Both of the parents echoed their voices."It's a waste of money and resources." We both chirped in.Ever since we had decided to tie the knot, their had been a tussle between the new and old.I and my fiancé wanted a simple marriage with minimum of fuss. Our reasons were … Continue reading Tradition


That fragrance intoxicated me. It reminded me of that girl I had loved years ago. She used to be sweet and caring, the kind of simple and pure hearted people who would help each and everyone they came across. I was young and naive then. I had recently joined a multinational and was so drunk … Continue reading Fragrance