Investing in your married life.

tmptmpimgA few years back,  I always used to be that nagging wife, as my husband was always overworked. I would barely see him home as he was always so busy climbing up the ladders of success and hardly had anytime for me. I can’t comment on how it happens in an arranged marriage, but since we had a love marriage,  it would seem as a betrayal to me. I would wonder how a person can change so much.

Then, one fine day we were placed in the eye of the hurricane and which shook the foundations we had been trying to built, yet failed miserably at it. The good thing which came out was we realized where we were going wrong and we tried to build again from there.

We realized what matters is a clear communication and daily togetherness, however busy you might be. You don’t need n number of hours each day, it can be just as short as half an hour each day, where you can converse freely and openly.

Today, we try to balance our life and work and time for our kid as well as time for ourselves and eachother alike. He goes for Gym, i go for yoga. That is self time. Later we try to go for an evening walk, or a post dinner walk, depending on how our work schedules permit. We try to go grocery shopping together. Lately, we added running to our menu and now we go for runs together. At times when we are tired, we just sit with each other with our cell phones away. And all this has really brought happiness in our married life. We realized that Going out for a date once in awhile does not make us guilty conscience, it makes our kids a little independent and give us both much needed space.

Another thing we noticed was, as marriage grows older, people start taking each other for granted. This leads to stagnation and boredom. Like every other relation, this relation requires constant effort. Random ” I love you” Texts, complementing each other on looks, clothes or small acts of kindness go a long way in cementing the relation.

Being kind to each other, listening to other’s view point all these are few things which go a long way in making life and relationship healthier and much more beautiful.







6 responses to “Investing in your married life.”

  1. Yes, all that you have mentioned are required to keep the relationship alive. Alone time, together time and even meaningful conversations with no cell phone in our hands. Even in love marriage, we have to put same amount of work.

    Loved reading your posts. One of the most sensible reads in recent times.

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    1. Thank you so much. Your words are so encouraging


  2. Hmm, not that I can contribute much to the topic, being blissfully in love with myself for years.:) But not just couples, the time factor applies to all relations. Parents, pets, hobbies, self-peace. They all flourish when showered with guiltless attention & reawakened interest.


    1. Absolutely true Ma’am ….whatever u tend to ignore and take for granted takes a back seat.


  3. This is exactly how couples should balance their relationship and make their marriage more vibrant. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful post.👍


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog

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