My first flight from Delhi to Dubai.

It was November 2014 when i first came to Dubai. It’s been two years and still feels like yesterday. Though Memory has started fading now and don’t miss so much back home. I am not a person attached to places. For me, Home is where my Family is.

My first flight to Dubai is a very funny incident and before my failing memory fades it, i better immortalize it on paper.

Ever since, i went to hostel, i was a pro at getting tickets done and travelling on my own. Infact, I had travelled so many times to my parent’s house back in himachal with my kid, who was then a toddler, all on my own.

My hubby had already come to Dubai, a month before. And by the time, our papers for visa got processed, my son and me were missing him badly. Finally, with the visa in hand, my Husband told me to book tickets for a evening flight so that he could pick us from airport after finishing his day duties. I booked the tickets the same day and even emailed him the same.

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Next week, was hectic. Packing, meeting friends, finishing pending bank and office works. Also, mixed with the initial excitement, now was a sad feeling of leaving close friends and parents behind.

My flight was scheduled for 18 Nov, 2014 5:00 pm which was a Tuesday evening. on Monday morning 17 November, 2014 I did a web check in. It was the first time i was flying in international sector without my husband and my son was still small. There was so much luggage and plus i was tense how i would manage.

The best thing about smartphones is that they constantly remind you about dates, things which are on your email, your flights, your movie tickets. So my over smart phone was constantly showing me less than 24 hrs left for your flight. I was like, “what is wrong with it. My flight is on Tuesday evening.”

However, my better sense prevailed and i opened my tickets. That is when I realized, instead of booking tickets for 17:oo Hrs ( 5.00 pm), I had booked tickets for 5:00 Hrs which meant i would be flying 12 hours earlier.

My smart phone was indeed smarter than me.

Now, with actually less than 24 hrs left..a panic set in. Somehow, with God’s grace, i was able to finish the pending works.

However, the biggest trouble was that managing a 5 year old at night. Day time, atleast he would be awake, and i would have to take care just of luggage. But now, my worries were just doubled.

Kids sense their parents moods so my son was more than adjusting. I calmly made him understand that instead of Tuesday evening, we are going to meet papa on Tuesday morning, but i would need his help.

I made him sleep by 6.00 pm on Monday night and woke him up only after 1 am. At the airport, i made him charge of a trolley handbag and he willingly obliged.

And at dawn of 18th November, 2014 we were in Dubai.

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Also, it was our 10th Marriage anniversary, so we were happy to be together.

However, the incident taught me an important lesson…be careful when booking tickets.

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