Discover Yourself !

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Somewhere in the transition from childhood to adulthood, many of us lose the child within us. We forget to smile. We forget to enjoy simple joys of life. We lose the passion we have within us.

And we end up blaming our spouses! our workplace! our children ! our parents! and in the end none is happy.

Life is the biggest gift God has given us. Let each one of us search within us what really makes us happy. Find a new hobby. If your job sucks, search a new one. If your relations make you unhappy, troubleshoot them.

Only when one can find himself/herself will the person be happy.

Be your own hero!

Be your own Sunshine!

Discover Yourself in 2017.

HAPPY 2017 to all the readers.

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Photo Credits : Dr Prashant Nasa; Munnar, Kerala, India

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The woods are lovely dark and deep, 

But I have promises to keep; 

And Miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost 


When we are small, we enjoy each moment and live in present. But as we grow up, we forget how to enjoy and immerse ourselves in the rat race of life. We wait for the next event, next birthday, next anniversary and so on.

Life is a celebration. The real enjoyment, the celebration is the journey itself. When we take a holiday, we start enjoying ourselves right from the moment we start our journey. We enjoy at airport, in the flight and then at the place we intended to go. But in the daily mundane of life, we forget this. Each day is a journey we have to relish. We do not have to wait till we reach the end to enjoy.

So, from today try to find pleasures in the path you have chosen each day.


Dad: I miss you.

Parenting is indeed a tough job. No two kids, nor any parents are alike. Each learns by his/her own mistakes, and hit and trial. My little one is usually a happy go kid who will mix up with everyone and enjoy each moment to hilt. I have this amazing memory in my closet which always reminds that it’s not just a caretaker which a child needs, but the presence of both father and mother for his optimum growth and development.

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This was in year 2011. My son was 2 and a half years old. Usually, fathers take an excuse at this age and keep busy that a child won’t notice his absence. But this is not really so. Right from a small age, they get accustomed to the faces around them and miss them when not around.

In March 2011, my husband went for a conference to Brussels, Belgium. It was a 7 days trip and he was due to be back on Sunday evening. Sunday morning, I received a call from my husband that due to bad weather conditions, his flight was cancelled and he was trying for the next available booking.

My son was already curious since last two days and i could sense he was missing him. We had been telling him that he would be back on Sunday, but now this new development was difficult to be explained to a 2 year old.  He was stressed why dad is not around and was chit chatting only about him. ” My dad is my Jaan and I am My Dad’s Jaan.” I can never forget this sentence of his and he repeated this sentence to anyone he saw that day.

By evening, he was restless. I made him sleep early and told him that tomorrow morning when he wakes up, he would find his dad home. That night, he woke up 4 to 5 times. Each time, he would wake up, he would look outside, and since it would be dark outside, he would sleep again.

Finally, he woke up at 5 am in the morning. It was already dawn outside…No more dark that means Morning! ” Where is  Papa? You said he would be home when i wake up in morning!” and he started crying.  Dad’s  flight was not expected another half an hour so i just tried to calm him and cuddle him. He was not ready to drink milk…nothing he just needed his dad. So i tried to call my husband at around 6 am and luckily his flight had landed.  He spoke to him and assured that by the time he finishes his milk, he would be home.

So with the milk cup in hand, we both moved to our balcony. May be by now, even God took pity on this little child and by the time, he finished his milk, we spotted his cab. That smile on his face…I can never forget.

Who says …Kids do not miss their dads!

Mother and father both play an important role in the upbringing of child. Both complement each other and one cannot do without other. Mother is the constant love, care and security a child has. Father is the encouragement to take risk, be confident, move independently and go ahead. Father is the feeling that i will hold you in case you fall.  Mother shows you the way, while father lets you find your own.

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My first flight from Delhi to Dubai.

It was November 2014 when i first came to Dubai. It’s been two years and still feels like yesterday. Though Memory has started fading now and don’t miss so much back home. I am not a person attached to places. For me, Home is where my Family is.

My first flight to Dubai is a very funny incident and before my failing memory fades it, i better immortalize it on paper.

Ever since, i went to hostel, i was a pro at getting tickets done and travelling on my own. Infact, I had travelled so many times to my parent’s house back in himachal with my kid, who was then a toddler, all on my own.

My hubby had already come to Dubai, a month before. And by the time, our papers for visa got processed, my son and me were missing him badly. Finally, with the visa in hand, my Husband told me to book tickets for a evening flight so that he could pick us from airport after finishing his day duties. I booked the tickets the same day and even emailed him the same.

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Next week, was hectic. Packing, meeting friends, finishing pending bank and office works. Also, mixed with the initial excitement, now was a sad feeling of leaving close friends and parents behind.

My flight was scheduled for 18 Nov, 2014 5:00 pm which was a Tuesday evening. on Monday morning 17 November, 2014 I did a web check in. It was the first time i was flying in international sector without my husband and my son was still small. There was so much luggage and plus i was tense how i would manage.

The best thing about smartphones is that they constantly remind you about dates, things which are on your email, your flights, your movie tickets. So my over smart phone was constantly showing me less than 24 hrs left for your flight. I was like, “what is wrong with it. My flight is on Tuesday evening.”

However, my better sense prevailed and i opened my tickets. That is when I realized, instead of booking tickets for 17:oo Hrs ( 5.00 pm), I had booked tickets for 5:00 Hrs which meant i would be flying 12 hours earlier.

My smart phone was indeed smarter than me.

Now, with actually less than 24 hrs left..a panic set in. Somehow, with God’s grace, i was able to finish the pending works.

However, the biggest trouble was that managing a 5 year old at night. Day time, atleast he would be awake, and i would have to take care just of luggage. But now, my worries were just doubled.

Kids sense their parents moods so my son was more than adjusting. I calmly made him understand that instead of Tuesday evening, we are going to meet papa on Tuesday morning, but i would need his help.

I made him sleep by 6.00 pm on Monday night and woke him up only after 1 am. At the airport, i made him charge of a trolley handbag and he willingly obliged.

And at dawn of 18th November, 2014 we were in Dubai.

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Also, it was our 10th Marriage anniversary, so we were happy to be together.

However, the incident taught me an important lesson…be careful when booking tickets.

Burj Khalifa

I stand tall, amidst the city.

Desert once it was.

One of the most amazing architectural wonders it is now.

I stand proud for the transformation around.

Millions throng each day to have a glimpse.

I am happier to see the excited faces,

Each morning i relish the sunshine,

And at night, i enjoy the cool moon.

I become a part of the memory of all my admirers, and happily i pose for their photographs.

Witness, i will be for centuries to come.

I relish my present,

Dignified i will be forever.

Immortal you have made me.

Long Live My Dubai.




The Mask

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The revelation was too much to bear.

The thin thread which had tied her to the life till now was snapped.

” Who are you?” She asked.

The mask which he was wearing had fallen off. She could see through his eyes, deep into his soul.

She lay their listless.

Hope was covered with despair.

Love was lost in betrayal.

And the only sound she could hear was her own heart.

” Who are you?  She asked again.

” I am your soul.” The voice said.

” If you are mine, why did you mislead me?” She inquired again.

” This world is a maddening place. Everything is not black and white. After a day, there is night. But Between the day and night, lies the dusk and dawn. Between the extremes of summer and winters, comes the autumn and spring. ” The voice replied.

” Not everything is black and white, there are shades of gray. The only thing that is yours is you. Yet, you never relied on yourself. It was not me who mislead you. you never looked within you. All your answers, all your strength, weakness, joy and sorrows is within you.” It continued.

She could see more clearly now. The mirage which she saw earlier was now clearing. She would not let it happen again.

She had to live one more time. This time for herself.