A Perfect love story





She always thought that theirs was a perfect love story.

They had started too young, and friends would joke that medical college love stories end up during internship. But theirs did not. They studied together, ate together and together they could clear their postgraduate entrance exams as well. As every story, they had also been through hardship and had a lumpy bumpy time convincing their parents to accept an inter state marriage.

But it had been a journey worthwhile. Like every other couple, they had happy times, sad times …even fighting times…but that is what makes a happy family. Isn’t it?

Last week at a conference, her husband had been awarded the young achiever’s award for his contributions in the field of medicine at such a young age. True, what a dedicated doctor he was! Patients were his first priority. He would rush up even at odd hours whenever required. So much so, his son’s pre nursery teacher could not pull him out of his busy schedule for a family photograph. So the album would always carry just her and kish photograph.

Earlier, she  would wait for dinner. She had grown up in a small town where it was believed ” A family that eats together stays together”. However, lately she had grown used to his absence. At times, she would grumble over not spending time with family, but no use. So, that too, was silenced. Same friends who told her that medical college affairs don’t go beyond internship, would now joke that there must be someone else between them !

” Not Possible!” was her firm belief.  Time flies, and soon the centimeters became meters and they started growing apart. Strangers under the same roof. Seven year itch ! and she would silence herself again. She had the perfect company of her little gentleman, what was there to worry! Yes, there ways had grown apart. He wanted more fame, success and money. She had wanted him. Probably that’s how all marriages turn up and she would continue with her chores.

Yesterday night, she had received a call from unknown number. She had claimed that she was in relationship with her husband last year. They had even gone physical once. She had realized her mistake and was asking her sorry. Sorry, Such a small word it is. So easy to say, takes off the balance from one who committed it. But to the other person, it cannot rub of all the pain the words beyond it cause.


One small incident had occurred a few months back. She had found her husband flirting with a young girl online. After much denial, he had accepted and somehow after that he had changed a lot. He would come home in time. He would love her like the early days. So, now what was this. She clearly remembered asking him that whether it was just limited to online or they had met. But , he had never said anything about this. This wasn’t even the same girl. What a fool she have been made!

He didn’t have the guts to answer her then, nor he had them even now. That girl could so easily confess coz she had nothing to lose. But, he was afraid, he had lost her. He had never thought that this incident would come back to haunt him. Success and fame are like alcohol, when you are on high, the world is most beautiful, and you are the strongest. But once that inflatable balloon gets burst, one realizes that he is the poorest of all. Career, Money, fame all dissipates once the stable hand of family around one vanishes.

He had loved her always but had started to take her for granted. In the false circle of fame, had forgotten that some day, he would have to come back or he would lose all.

Should she stay? should she leave him?

She had not just loved him, left everything for him. She had wanted to go in for fellowship, but he had different plans. And due to financial crunch with which the doctors start their lives, only one of them could go ahead. So, she had crushed her dreams as if she had never had any. And then had come the baby. Already, there were late for that, as per community standards. So, she had settled in her not so famous job and given her all to his upbringing.What  did she get ? just a heartbreak.

What could he do to make her believe that he had left all that? It was a bad past which kept coming back. He had only a track of few months to prove his love.

He would always tell her ” If you are undecided, never do anything on impulse. Give it time. If you come to the same conclusion for next few days, go ahead! ”

She knew they both loved each other a lot. She had felt that change. She knew her son needed them both and when together they were always so happy.

Time was what they both needed. She didn’t call it quits. She had always wanted to travel. So she took a leave from all fronts, packed her bags and went to Europe. At times, the answers we seek are in front of us, yet we never realize them. The solitude gave her the strength to give it a try  once more.

She still believes that theirs is the perfect love story. The best love stories are not where fights don’t happen. The best are the ones where after a fight, you have the guts to accept and move on again.







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