Far away from the maddening crowd


Oh little girl! what are you thinking?

I am thinking of the sun kissed beaches,

My feet getting soaked in sand and sea,

My senses dancing to the music of waves and breeze.

Oh little one! what’s on your mind?

My mind is filled with thoughts of greens!

Lushgreen forests, with shades of red and yellow!

The symphony of a stream flowing by,

The chirpings of birds echoing in my ears.

Oh little mermaid! what you want to do?

I want to go out in the sunlight.

Just enjoy little kids play,

I want to smell the fresh baked cookies

Just sit by my window and count the stars in the sky.

Oh little lassie ! what’s stopping you?

Why don’t u go and rejoice in solitude?

Alas! The world is not my dreams O mortal one!

Its work and work!

No place for a lazy soul like me!






4 responses to “Far away from the maddening crowd”

  1. I can so relate to your poem. I so wanted to be lazy today and just relax and enjoy life, but there is always more to do. How to find that balance?


    1. Some days are like that especially those following days off.. I really need less working hours but not possible in this country

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  2. You wright so well. This poem literally took me to my childhood when I use to enjoy evrything. Recently I started to bring back child in me and trying to forget the adult in me. I think the worst think happen to us is when we become adult. I Mean Adult mentally. As you become adult you get filled with more fear, ‘more doubts, more negativity, more confusion, more jealosy, ‘more selfishness. Birthdays become no no things. But when u r child you forgive your friends so quickly even after a big fight. When your parent shouts on you or slap you, it doesn’t take much time to hug and start loving them as if nothing happened. You dare to dream big,, dream to become astronaut, actors, prime minister, army men and so on. They celebrate their birthday as it is the best day of their life that they came on earth. But we as adult even didn’t bother to wish or feel excited. So child has more better mindset than adults. Dr Ruchi. Keep writing. You are mean to be a big writer.


    1. Thanks Dr Shailendra.. I’m glad u liked it


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