Think Pink

    October is the Breast cancer awareness month. Two years back, my mom came to visit me. On the morning of the day, she had to leave, she casually told me, "Sometimes i feel a strange sensation in my right breast." Immediately, I examined her and felt a lump in her breast. I took … Continue reading Think Pink

Far away from the maddening crowd

  Oh little girl! what are you thinking? I am thinking of the sun kissed beaches, My feet getting soaked in sand and sea, My senses dancing to the music of waves and breeze. Oh little one! what's on your mind? My mind is filled with thoughts of greens! Lushgreen forests, with shades of red … Continue reading Far away from the maddening crowd

Skewed “Feminism”

Three things happened in the last month. First, was the movie PINK, a bold statement about respecting female choices. I wrote about that earlier. The movie was a frank resonance of all the educated girls in Indian subcontinent. The movie brought hope, my India is changing. Second, was that Indian Supreme Court judgement which said … Continue reading Skewed “Feminism”

Musings of a wanderer – A journey to nowhere. 

How does it feel, waking up in the morning, getting dressed up for the day and going to the same moron place day in and day out? A place, which you don't even like, yet you have to go? I know you will judge me as weak. May be I don't have guts to change … Continue reading Musings of a wanderer – A journey to nowhere.