This weekend, I finally saw PINK, a Brilliant movie by Director Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury.

As with all movies of this genre, the thoughts linger in your mind much longer.

The movie questions our orthodox upbringing and is a mirror of what’s wrong with our

patriarchal mindset.


The movie is about 3 young independent modern women who are good friends ans flatmates in Delhi. An untoward incident at a resort in Surajkund, involving boys who are politically well connected changes their life forever.

What follows is an gripping courtroom drama which takes a dig at the contemporary society and the prejudices women face.


The film depicts the feudal mindset which we inherit.

As a kid, I remember hearing statements like

” Don’t have a’s the girl’s life which gets spoiled”

” Girls from good Family …don’t drink”

” She is responsible for what happened, look at the clothes she wears”

Though we have come a long way from women being confined to the walls, to women working at the same place as men..but still we judge woman by the same old standards.

A woman who has male friends is cheap, whilst a man will be called Stud or cool.

A girl who drinks is a good girlfriend material, but not good to be a wife.

What you wear, decides your character. A girl with a suit and dupatta is a good girl, while one who wears skirts and jeans is of questionable character. Infact, she is inviting the boys.

A girl can work late, but if she parties late …she is not a good girl. Though the same never applies for boys.


This basic mindset needs to be changed. One does not become modern just by wearing jeans. We have to broaden our outlook. True gender equality is still a long way.

If drinking or smoking is bad, its for all. Don’t judge only your girls..judge your boys too for same.

Let a person decide what he or she is comfortable wearing. In case we are uncomfortable with bare skin, it should be for both…no shorts even for boys.

Physical relationship should be based on mutual consent and a ” no” by either should be respected.

Rather than blaming girls..we should teach our boys to respect girls, but that will only happen when each of the one responsible for upbringing, ponders and accepts the hypocrisy and changes himself/herself.



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