Happy Birthday to my little Whizkid!

My little one is  8 years old.

It seems just yesterday when i was struggling with my pregnancy woes, and Lol now he is 8!

Eight years back he was born on a lazy sunday morning and truly lazy he is! especially when he comes to doing simple things like getting up and taking a glass of water, or sometimes putting paste on his brush.

Sending him to school is a herculean task. ” Gunjit, Wake up! ” ..will start 40 minutes before the bus timings…but all he will give is 25 minutes for himself to get ready and still will want to be the first one to reach the bus stop.

According to the standards, he is ill mannered. He loves to enjoy, play and have fun.Typical Leo he is, has anger on his nose all the time. But spend some time with him, and you realize he is a loving and sensitive boy, adjusts wherever he goes, makes friends in a second.  Overshoots his limits just as any other kid of his age, but the next moment realizes that he has done something wrong.He  will be ready to say ” Sorry” that very moment…but still is trying to learn not to repeat that thing.

He Loves watching all the fighting movies…and enacts all the fight scenes after seeing them. Thinks he is the strongest of all…but will get frightened if has to stay alone even for 30 minutes. Pokemon is his favourite cartoon. And he likes reading Wimpy Kids. If by mistake we take him for our weekly groceries, we are in a big trouble, as anything that comes in an attractive label gets into the basket. He is fond of all the junk food which can be prepared or sold right from pizza, burger, chocolates, icecreams and doughnuts. He likes playing with bablets, cars and those funny toys which come with Macdonalds meal, still he will demand us to get him PS4. He likes playing carrom and all family games.. But he will cheat in order to win, so we have to be really careful.

Will shower his papa and me with kisses and hugs when he gets happy even over little things.

Though he is lazy but still he wants to do everything…Abacus, art, Dance, Karate, football, Swimming and would force me to enroll him into everything. Once he has learnt something will demonstrate his learning and skill to all, but finally it will take all our might to convince him to continue what he has already enrolled and not gravitate towards another option which he is considering at the moment.

The only grandchild in my In Law family…he is pampered to the point of spoilt by his Dadi & Dadu. Fights with them a lot, but then loves them also so much. Gets to see less of maternal side, so expects to be treated as king whenever he meets them.

Studies are his biggest enemy…but still wants to come 1st in everything studies included. Hates that now he is growing up, so his playing time is reduced. But is a real genius..picks up quickly and never disappoints us with his performance. Science and Maths are his favourite subjects, though he is still picking up on languages. However slangs like “Man” and ‘Dude ‘ are common in his vocabulary now.

Ever since he was 3, has changed almost 20 professions that he would do when he grows up. First, he wanted to be a driver, then doctor, astronaut,  scientist, actor, dancer, and  now Football Player…and a scientist when he retires from football!Though i’m still not able to understand the combo. Only thing definite is that he wants to be famous!

Wants to marry an Indian girl …but not have kids..as according to him ” Kids are a big responsibility  just like he is a big responsibility for us”

I can go on and on about this little bundle of mine, but he will be sore why I shared his secrets here.

Happy Birthday My Little Prince! Love you loads! You are definitely our superhero and we wish you all the best in Life !









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