Good , Bad and The Evil

She eats eggs on a Tuesday! Surely she will go to hell!

My goodness they are Hindus, and they cook Chicken at home! What kind of Hindus they are!

All of us have heard about these statements and many more. Is one’s inherent goodness linked to just these or something beyond it. Can One  be declared evil, if one does all of the above.

Take 1 : If you are eating eggs daily, not a big deal…Tuesday is just another day. What has my morality to do with eating eggs. Eggs are a good source of protein, loaded with nutrients and vitamins, easy to cook and yummy to taste. So who gives the authority to another to judge someone based on their eating eggs whether tuesday or any other day or not eating eggs any day.


Take 2 : Vegan or non vegan, what is the big deal! what has this got to with one’s  spirituality? Has this any concern with one being evil.

I agree according to some animals are living beings…but so are plants.

Counter comment is we eat a part of plant and don’t destroy it as a whole.

A tiger eats a deer. So Tiger is evil and deer is good.

But Isn’t this a delicate balance of food chain.  Man lies at the apex of food chain and before agricultural practices were introduced, the pre historic man was a hunter indeed.

I am not advocating vegetarian versus non vegetarian. All one should have is a balanced diet.  All i want to put forth is to delink religion, ethics and morality from what anyone eats. Let everyone follow what his Inner conscience dictates.

veg vs

Why do we confuse morality with our eating preferences?

The way different regions have different eating habits have been dictated by the availability of particular food, climate and so forth. In current Techno era, all lines have become blurred.

How one’s body reacts to a particular food  determines his eating patterns in the long run.

This has nothing to do with someone being immoral, if he eats a particular food.

This blog is inspired by and is in response to Beyond good and evil







5 responses to “Good , Bad and The Evil”

  1. Veg & non-veg can coexist as long as they don’t try to influence or change each other. What matters is why some people have so little to eat that they end up malnourished/famished/weak/dead and others have so much that they battle high cholesterol & bulimia.

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    1. That’s another beautiful viewpoint .. Scarcity at one end and excess at other as in all other material needs


  2. Nice read! Yes the logic holds good , ideally itz abt the choice one does !

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  3. I like your post about morality and food; you bring in lots of considerations that I didn’t put in my Fit is a Feminist Issue post. And I’m planning a followup post as well to bring in some of those other ideas (and I’ll link to your blog as well). Thanks for the mention!

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    1. Thanks for boosting me. Your post was what gave me food for mine..Thanks for that


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