Life is not a joke.


“This is scary, Man! you should not do this.” Vaibhav shouted.

“Hey, Chillax ! I’ve been doing this for the last one month. See, nothing has happened. I reach home early and can give more time to studies.” Rishabh Blurted.

See, you won’t understand. My brother got in 1st 50 at IITs. You don’t have to prove anything. It won’t matter to your parents whether you get into DEC or IIT, as long as you get admission in good branch.

My whole life has been a shadow. Right, from the moment I was born…Sunil started walking at 9 months…Started speaking at 1 year…They think I am a loser. I have to show them for once that I can get a better rank than my so called brother.

“Its all in your mind, Bro ! Indian parents are like this only…esp we North Indians. Your brother loves you.” Anyway…See you for the next class. Bye.

Rishabh had been jumping into superfast trains, which would not stop at his station so that he could reach home early. He was not able to cope with time and studies, due to his daily commuting which would take him one hour plus either way. He remembered asking his father to let him take a PG accomodation near to school.The reply still echoed in his mind. “You can never do anything. Look at your brother. We never spent an extra penny for him and see this year he will graduate from IIT. And I can bet you he will get full scholarship from Stanford for his Mtech.” Simply wasting our hard earned money! Why can’t you come home daily. Sunil would read even in train.”

Rishabh had always lived in shadow of his elder brother. Sometimes he wished he could hurt his brother the way he was daily insulted. He had been a good student always..but no one appreciated him because his brother had been the best. The best son, the best student….The best tag it seems was discovered only for him.


Few Days later…..

Rishabh was lying in Trauma ICU in AIIMS. He had fallen down between the train and railway tracks while trying to catch the superfast which did not stop.

His leg was badly injured..and had to amputated to save his life.

Life is not a joke. We should never put our life at risk. Better late than never..A age old saying should always be followed.

Parents should never compare their children Every child has different potential which should be encouraged.








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