The pursuit of Happiness 

All of us want to be happy. We try to search happiness in Iphones, costly gadgets, what’s app messages, facebook posts. We try to look for it in our spouses, children and parents. We try to seek solace in our work, in the food we eat, in the television channels we follow.


We keep looking for it, giving us familiar excuses. Next salary hike or a better job willmake me happy. Wives keep grumbling that their husbands attention will make them happy. Husbands keep wishing that a sexier wife will make them happy. Old parents keep wishing that had they a better child, they would be happy…And happiness keep eluding.

When we are small, little things make us happy. Getting wet in water, rain, seeing butterflies, making paper boats…and so on.


But in the quest of growing up we lose our innocence and so also our happiness. We forget those little things and keep searching for bigger, better and in the end remain unhappy.


We forget that happiness is not a conquest…it is a journey ….it is there in each moment of our life waiting for us to embrace ourselves. Noone can make us happy unless we choose ourselves to be… and the reciprocal is true as well. No one can make us unhappy.. unless we decide to be.


Happiness lies within each of us. All we have to do is rid our mind of the useless clutter.All we have to do is bring alive the child within us.

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2 responses to “The pursuit of Happiness ”

  1. Lovely post and thoughts! 💕


  2. Totally agree, all we have to do is just to open our eyes and most important our heart and see the happiness everywhere! 🙂

    This is my “Small Happy List”! I wish you like it! 😀


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