My experiments with Weight loss

Once fat, Always fat.

So was me. “Fat” I had always been, as long as I could remember. Would come last in the race in PE classes, had a beautiful face but being obese would give me that mature look that would prompt people to ask ” Are you studying in college? ” and I would politely say I am just in Grade 10. And my mom would say as in all Punjabi households .. कोई नी पुत्तर, खाते पिते घर का बच्चा है! नज़र ना लगाओ !

So it went on for years, even got married, much to the horror of my In law family that how could their good looking son choose such a fat girl. His bad luck or mine good! May be only God knows.

And then pregnancy added another graceful kilos. At times ill fitting clothes would sent me to reduce my night time meal and I would keep struggling to get a few kilos down and which in no time would come back again.So it went ..

Till precisely 11 months back .. A weight loss bug bit my husband. He enrolled in a gym and started being cautious about what would enter his mouth. How could I remain aloof . Well to make it simple .. I had more grilling schedule. And as in all Indian families the sole responsibility of my son before and after office work, I could not hit gym.

But competition .. That’s the only drive in today’s world.. So I started adding kilometres and steps to my IPhone. Alas! For a Punjabi girl in love with all good food in the world .. Sweets to be more specific .. How much would it help.

Friends suggested The famous Gm diet .. Oh how can one be without carbs .. I tried for a day .. gave it up mid afternoon.

Another day didn’t eat the whole day only to end up eating a big doughnut and a Macdonald burger at night.

In today’s world all the answers are Internet .. So came the numerous apps on mobile.. Edmondo tracker .. My fitness pal .. And then weight loss books on my kindle

But still weight loss eluded me.

By then I was about to give up .. But somehow good sense prevailed ..

1. I continued tracking my steps.

2. I carried n number of small tiffins to work to eat a fruit or a vegetable 2 hourly.

3. Reduced my carb intake .. Though not drastically.

4. Increased my protein intake

And with the initial loss of 3 -4 kgs came the renewed self confidence. Yes ! I can do it.

Today Almost 11 kgs lighter.. I feel young at heart.

Though when even 1 kgs slips up, I get tense again. But the journey has been worthwhile.

And it all lies in your mind.. Lose fat in your mind .. You will start losing it everywhere.

18 responses to “My experiments with Weight loss”

  1. Have you tried a ketogenic diet yet?
    Safe, natural weight loss with NO exercise :))


    1. Please elaborate.. Though I really don’t believe in that


      1. why don’t you believe in a ketogenic diet? have you tried it?


      2. Not tried .. Will give a try


      3. Nice! Might I suggest you start here:

        Feel free to hit me up with q’s anytime :))

        Good luck!


      4. you’re welcome :))


  2. Enjoyable trip. I loved the fact that you acknowledged your beautiful face. The newest diet is good old Indian Grandma diet – including ghee, rice, egg yolk etc. Basically, everything in moderation.


    1. Thanks Ma’am .. Actually that’s the key.. Eat everything but in moderation .. And Be active

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  3. Ruchi…I ll not comment upon..weight loss.that u hAve done a great job….but I ll comment on ur writing. ..very beautiful written….👌👌👌


    1. Thanks Manisha .. This is the appreciation I’m looking forward to ..


  4. Dr Dipti Atul Deshmukh Avatar
    Dr Dipti Atul Deshmukh

    Ruchi… Elaborated v nicely… Wow, u’ve becoe an author & Prashant a perfect photographer… U both have proved that… Where there is a will, there is a way… Cherish ur hobbies n help people out with ur diet plans…


  5. Liked the comments and found it very helpful!!!


  6. Jip like all successes start with the right mindset. Good for you on your persistence!


  7. Vey good Content. Be back very soon. Keep up the great work.


    1. Thank you for encouraging words


  8. […] My experiments with weight loss […]


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