Why I will never advise anyone to be a doctor mom again? 

It’s Saturday today, and unlike many other professions, I never get 5 days a week. Might seem as a trivial reason to many but ask a mom who isn’t supermom and who just keeps trying to balance her work and her home, this will come as a major jolt once u have kids who need as much time and understanding as any other job u handle.

Well jokes apart..Medicine today is a thankless field ..not the glorified version we grew up thinking.

Any doctor reading this won’t deny that medicine is an imperfect field. Though there may have been leaps and bounds in cancer treatment of a particular cancer , but still a common cold drives even specialised doctors crazy. Wait and watch.. But how can you when your child is running high grade fever…and your elders hound you with what kind of doctor you are? Can’t u treat your own kid?

Out of 168 hours, your child depending on his schedule will spend approx 70 hours sleeping, another 70 hrs in school and transportation. That leaves with a working mom, only 28 hours per week, to teach him values, morals, make him study, play with him. I don’t find this exciting enough. These 28 hours I might be on duty, in the kitchen, or might be juggling my other responsibilities as a homemaker.

The guilt of spending less time with your kid would let u indulge him in his favourite food, toys, books… In the nutshell overindulge him. And the guilt of spending less time with one kid might push you towards not having another. So, you land with one overindulgent spoilt brat. And anything to do with his behaviour, studies.. You and you will be solely responsible.

The stress of dealing with diseases, patients psychology and in the current era of corporates, the management with the answers to revenue you generate has made medicine lousiest of all professions. In today’s scenario, you are always worried about your job, what might land you in a lawsuit makes the prime years of life gloomy. To add it to the stress of parenting, being a daughter and a daughter in law .. Not to forget the husband.. Makes you ponder wasn’t it better all alone?

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    1. Been quite some time now.. Actually have been juggling between WordPress and blogger


  2. Devendra Moudgil Avatar
    Devendra Moudgil

    People who are less engaged in their professional lives feel that money and corporate life is so luxurious but reality is far from the imagination. Its not for less engaged professional but all of us each of us feel the other person has such life which I want to live but reality is far away. No body can match the doctor’s life hats off. Specially if that’s lady and a doctor.


  3. I always advise newbies away from Medical line. It takes too long vs Engineering which finds rewards, paychecks, newer avenues faster.
    Nice to have u writing as well.


    1. Have been writing tit bits as long as I can remember.. Will surely come up with more

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      1. Please do, its refreshing to read.

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