Goa…..Go Goa Go

The most calm and serene place I have ever been.

Those picturesque beaches ending into horizon….the carefree attitude of the locals and the travellers alike, the honeymooners. Everything about this place makes you fall in love with the place and the people around.

There is this romantic aura to the air that you cannot help falling in love. So it was with me coz it was in this very place i found the love of my life. I did not meet him there, but i could not escape the love drunk air that created a profound chemistry, and i got drawn to him.

That was my first visit to Goa back in 1998 and i still can visualize everything.

Those clear blue beaches, dotted by coconut trees, those high and low tides inviting you to come and play with them, those lovely shacks on beaches, everything conspiring you to loosen up and get lost.

Those majestic churches where u feel one with the GOD…… there is nothing like Goa.

The next time i went there was on my honeymoon with my love and it was year 2004.

Fresh from the Marriage rituals….all i had on my mind was my hubby and we enjoyed this place more than the last time.

Just sitting on the beach side, or having a walk, there is an aura which creates peace around.

The big sea and its roaring waves makes you humble.

The sea shells, sea animals which it brings to the land and then washes them back makes u sublime.

It creates a saga of never ending love story and there is no mortal who can escape it.

I went again in 2011 and then in 2015 …..Both these times we had our little one along and now it has become OUR Favourite Holiday Destination.








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