Transformation of a desert

Human mind is amazing.

If it is on right track, it can do wonders.
Dubai….Truly a city of wonders. Just imagine a desert and now one of the most beautiful places in world.
Look at Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and one feels amazed. Every morning on my way to work, i keep tracking the burj from metro and i feel proud of mankind.

Not just Burj, but everything around here gives one a satisfaction of what a human mind can do. Beautiful architecture, evenly spaced buildings, wide roads, total hassle free transportation.
Even the electricity and water bills or for that matter payment of fines, hassle free one click system.
The city just amazes me.

Miracle Garden – a true miracle. The most beautiful garden I have ever seen that too not in greener landscapes but in a desert. Just flower pots placed to make formations with an efficient drip system to water them, and I bow to the minds which created it.

Truly breath taking Beautiful Human mind!

But this same mind can cause destruction, if it goes on wrong path.

What a contrast! A reality and the biggest irony of life.

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