The Migratory Birds.

I never viewed myself as a person attached to places, events and things. I have been a free bird, with my family being my anchor, where i would return to.

So, when my husband decided to move to Dubai, neither of us including our six year old were alien to the idea. In fact, we welcomed the change with open arms and were pretty excited to move to the next innings of life.

I had my reservations though.I was worried if i would be able to clear Exam and get a job there. I envy my engineering friends, they are welcome in any corner of world, though the specifications of machines and software varies from place to place. We, as doctors have to prove ourselves by a test in any country we go, although human body is same, be it India or Any other place and same American Text books are followed all over the world.

Ever since i learnt driving, my car was my soul-mate, my independence. It knew my tears, my happiness, my feelings and was the probably only place where i would be myself. But moving to this new place would mean giving away this independence, as getting license here is too trobulesome.

Nevertheless, my Husband assured me ALL IS WELL. And with my anchors by my side my son and my husband, I moved to Dubai 3 months back.

Well, as human body and medical teachings are same everywhere I cleared my exam, got a job, much respectable than my previous one. I still have to get my license.

But, Now i wonder is it so easy. Are we actually free birds? I miss my friends. I miss my favourite places, my favorite eat-outs, my parents, my sweet niece.

I miss that air, polluted though it was, those streets, dirty though they were. But It was MY INDIA, the country which gives me my Identity.

And here I am in an alien land, in a different culture, which sometimes terrifies me, and i have none who i can tell this.

Probably you are free bird where u feel secure, and in a strange land i still have to feel secure.

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I am a histopathologist based in UK. I find solace in my work, nature and books. My musings are my own personal beliefs.


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