The fairer sex

So much has been said about gender equality, females are equal to males and bla bla….but how many women’s may become doctors, engineers, diplomats and so on…. Fairer sex is still on the fair side.

Back in India, I used to feel that this happens only in India that a woman works 26 hrs a day. I used to have those pangs in my tummy…that why at the end of the day….when I have at times worked more than my husband….I am expected to cook, help my child in studies, do all household work…prepare for next day….and why my husband is treated like a king.
Than I landed in one of the modern cities, a different culture all together, and today I realise wherever you go women have same plight. At least I am a working woman, so I had my share of financial freedom and a niche for myself. When I look at my homemaker counterparts ( I am against the term housewives, coz they put so much energy and effort into making that house a beautiful home) , I realize the sense of dominance there husbands give them. What did you do whole day? Gosh ! It was a robotic house, the moment you were out of the door, the house set itself right. The food got cooked on its own and everything was done automatically.
Why are woman expected to cover up head to toe even at temperatures as high as 50C. They do not feel hot. Why should they cover head, when men can’t cover there chests.
And these questions ponder in my head I read female columnists justifying all this as they are the chosen one.
And I still ponder Fairer sex is fair still?

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I am a histopathologist based in UK. I find solace in my work, nature and books. My musings are my own personal beliefs.


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