Love in the times of whats app

Why? Pratik why? Why did u do this to me?

Sneha had been crying for last one hour or so, but still could not stop her tears for coming.
Pratik had come home damn tired and had slept right after dinner.
And then this phone call… Had turned her balance upside down.
For the last few months… she couldn’t  even remember how long… Sneha and Pratik had been just living as strangers in the same house.
He was increasingly busy with his patients, hospital, conferences, that somehow it had become a routine.
But tonight after a phone from his hospital, She had somehow unknowingly checked his what’s app.
There was chat with some girl she hadn’t even a hint about.
And after that she had  just  been crying, and Pratik was comforting her.
At first his reaction had been denial, but then he had accepted to meeting this girl almost 8 to 10 yrs younger than him at some conference.
At first , it had been those good morning messages but slowly and steadily flirting … And then love u messages.
Why pratik? Was I not good enough? Where did I fail? Sneha kept mumbling
Pratik was accepting this was a mistake and he had never ever thought of leaving her.
No Sneha, please don’t cry. I promise I will never do this again.
But Sneha had lost. Lost her entire world, …
Sneha … U are a fool… U married when the marriage itself had been a big drama.Pratik’s parents had never wanted her as she was from a different caste. Somehow pratik was adamant and marriage did take place.

But never had his parents failed in making her realize, that she and her parents are lowly beings.

Still, she had accepted every thing and lived in the same house, trying to win them over.

But today she had lost. LOST…….her entire world.

“Dont make a fool of me Pratik, You are free to go wherever u want, but dont cheat me”.

“Sneha …please dont say these things. I am sorry. I will never do this again. But please do not cry.
I will leave everything. I will come home in time. Never make you feel like this again.”

Next month they had planned a holiday to switzerland.

“I am not going anywhere with you, Pratik”.

No Sneha, please. Don’t be so hard on me. I love you and only you. I don’t have a reason. why i did this? I can only ask you to forgive me. Please give me one Chance…Sneha please.

Night had turned into morning and she had still been awake.

It had been three months since that night. The wounds never healed. Somedays, would be too good and at times they would fight. Fight because sneha wanted a revenge. She wanted him to repay for each tear, she had since they had met.

Pratik was hopeful. Life would resume back. His sneha will be his darling again. But He had no answers for her. It was becoming painful for both of them, but he stuck on silently for the tide to pass over, because it had been his mistake.

Sneha had been his love and constant encouragement to where he had reached today. But he had got carried away by his own success.
Time is a big healer and he was hopeful that he would win her back.

But sneha had lost her Trust, and she did not know how to get it back.

“Hello! Is this Dr Pratik? Your wife has met with an accident. she is being shifted to Lifecare Hospital”.

Two hours before pratik had got call from an unknown number and he had rushed to the hospital.
Sneha had got multiple injuries, but was safe. Sneha had been lucky. Anyone who had seen the car could not believe that she had survived.

“I am sorry, Pratik. I don’t know what happened. The car”

“It’s ok. Sneha. Anyway that car was to be changed”.

And Sneha was coming back to senses. It is human to make mistakes. She had made one today. she could have been dead or she could have killed someone. How long could she be a zombie….living in the past. She could have lost everything today. Was it not better to live that chance again, to rebuild together  again.

Pratik knew his sneha was coming back to him again and this time he had almost lost her, but now he would never let her go again.

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