International woman’s day

8th march ….Today is International woman’s day.

As a strong advocate of women rights, i am actually relishing it like my birthday and wishing all my girlie friends.

But on second thoughts, why do we celebrate it. Do we have something like International Men day. Why don’t they need a day to celebrate?

The website dedicated to International woman day marks it as a  global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.
So on a retrospect are we actually accepting that gender inequality has been present since times and we need a day to tell that yes females are equal.
The first woman’s day was celebrated as early as 1908, and 107 years later have we been able to prove our equality, or are we just trying to celebrate our superiority.

Woman is the beginning of life. She nurtures within her a life, gives birth to a child. Still, why does she need to prove her greatness to the very being she created.


She becomes a daughter, a friend, a sister, wife and a mother….illuminates the home she is born into…without questioning leaves that house …to begin anew with whoever she gets married to. Isn’t it greatness?
She has proved herself as doctor, engineer, artist, astronaut, politician, banker.
But then why does she still get those cold looks when she demands her space/ her share in the society.
Why is she scorned upon if she has a boyfriend or has a love marriage? why is she asked to prove her virginity by Gods and humans alike? Why do incidents like ” nirbhaya” happen? Why is she being preached what to wear? Why cant she roam alone when she wants to it? why cant she have a sip of alcohol if she wants to? Why do we call her ” characterless”, if she does any of that?
Why has she failed to teach her worth to the very sons she bore? This is probably where she has failed.
And until she does this, there will be a need of International Women’s Day.

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