I Have been married for last ten years, 11th going.

And lately, I have been wondering is it really worthwhile to get married.

I am not into a bad marriage. my husband does not beat me up, and i do not undergo sexual, physical or mental torture. In fact, he respects my choices, loves me and cares for me.

I have a wonderful son, who is sensible enough to guess my moods and loves me a lot.

But then still there are days when I feel empty, need someone to talk to fill that emptiness.

There are days when I wish that like my husband i should also live with my parents.

There are days when I feel that like his mother and father pamper him, there should be someone to pamper me.

There are days when I feel that when I come home back from work, i feel at least someone should ask me how my day was.

There are days when I want to go shopping all alone, without anyone telling me not to pick this or that.

There are days when I wish to be pampered like my husband.

And then I ponder is this just the side effect of Indian marriage system.

And are these only for one or for both? Must be for both. Obviously, even Men sacrifice so much though not to that extent.

Are live in relationships not the right answer.

Both have their space without too much family interference.

I know that many will not buy what I say.
But is not good? Marriage is the end of romance,  that taken for granted attitude, too much mine and your family.
Just pondering …..


  1. It’s funny i had the exact same thoughts running in my head ever since I got married.


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