Do’s And Dont’s

Pregnancy is the most amazing as well as the most paranoid time in a female's life, Thanks to our culture, especially Indian scenario. My son is 7.5 now, but still, whenever I think about those days, I still get jitters. The day u marry, you are supposed to procreate or else Relatives won't even mind... Continue Reading →


आवाज़ों का क़ाफ़िला है! फिर भी क्यों तन्हाई है । दोस्तों की महफ़िल है ! ना जाने क्यों फिर भी यूँ अकेला हूँ । रंग ही रंग हैं! पर सब बेरंग है । फूलों के मौसम में यह केसी पतझड़ है ! ख़ुशी के दिन हैं फिर भी ये उदासी है । बरसों बीत गये... Continue Reading →


I Have been married for last ten years, 11th going. And lately, I have been wondering is it really worthwhile to get married. I am not into a bad marriage. my husband does not beat me up, and i do not undergo sexual, physical or mental torture. In fact, he respects my choices, loves me... Continue Reading →

Don’t worry, you’ll be okay

Don't worry, you'll be okay Slowing down is good Wisdom simmers and steeps and grows with time Stop pushing yourself You are enough just as you are There is no need to perform Just relax Let life unfold You have what it takes to handle anything Anything Good things come from patience, not pushing Let... Continue Reading →

So much to say

There is so much to say, but no one to hear.There is so much to say, but words fail me. Like flood waters waiting to burst the dam, so are those unspoken, unworded feelings fluttering to break open the boundaries. Like bright flames of fire, waiting to burn its confines, and step out. Like school... Continue Reading →

International woman’s day

8th march ....Today is International woman's day. As a strong advocate of women rights, i am actually relishing it like my birthday and wishing all my girlie friends. But on second thoughts, why do we celebrate it. Do we have something like International Men day. Why don't they need a day to celebrate? The website dedicated to International woman day... Continue Reading →

Love in the times of whats app

Why? Pratik why? Why did u do this to me? Sneha had been crying for last one hour or so, but still could not stop her tears for coming. Pratik had come home damn tired and had slept right after dinner. And then this phone call... Had turned her balance upside down. For the last... Continue Reading →

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